[tor-dev] Clarification of prop 186

Linus Nordberg linus at torproject.org
Tue Jul 17 04:24:31 UTC 2012


Can votes and consensuses have more than one "a" line? Prop 186 says, on
one hand

  [...] votes should include a single "a" line for every relay that has
  an IPv6 address, to include the first IPv6 line in its
  descriptor. [...] The remaining or-address lines will turn into "a"
  lines in the microdescriptor.

I interpret this to mean that there is at most one "a" line in a status
vote or consensus.

On the other hand it also says

  Clients that use microdescriptors should consider a node's addresses
  to be the address:port listed in the "r" line of a consensus, plus all
  "a" lines for that node in the consensus, [...]


  the vote will include whichever set of "a" lines are given by the most
  authorities who voted for the descriptor digest that will be used for
  the router.

(Is "vote" a typo?  Should it read "consensus"?)

This makes me think there can be more than one "a" line in both votes
and consensuses.


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