[tor-dev] [GSoC] APAF Report (Android?)

Michele Orrù maker.py at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 11:12:05 UTC 2012

I tried to run APAF on android during the last days. I am updating this
toping with what I've discovered so far.

2012/6/21 Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) <lists
<lists at infosecurity.ch>@<lists at infosecurity.ch>
infosecurity.ch <lists at infosecurity.ch>>:
> On 6/21/12 7:28 AM, meejah wrote:
>> meejah <meejah <meejah at meejah.ca>@ <meejah at meejah.ca>meejah.ca<meejah at meejah.ca>>
>>> That used to be an optional dependency, so I will put that code back
>>> in (actually, probably just take out the dependency for psutils and
>>> report PIDs instead). It's really just "nice to have" anyway and
>>> users who want that could of course easily do it themselves.
>> I've just pushed version 0.5 which removes psutil dependencies.
After removing psutil, txtorcon was successfully imported from python.

But I see another issue, not strictly related to txtorcon but to the
standard library's temp module. Here a screenshot.


Apparently what happens is that the tempfile module does not successfully
create the temporary directory for hosting the configuration.

Note: I am using the same tor binary of Orbot, placed in
data/data/org.torproject.android/app_bin/ as you can see from

> Which maybe the relationship between APAF and Guardian Project's
> ORLib/OrBot?
> I mean, we should not "reinvent the wheel", however APAF is going to
> provide Python developers an easy way to build desktop/server

I think  we can discuss this on #tor-dev.


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