[tor-dev] May Tor proposal status, and proposal plans for 0.2.3

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Thu May 12 14:35:13 UTC 2011

On 2011-May-09 18:54, Nick Mathewson wrote:
>   117 IPv6 exits

Working on it, but due to the scope I am actually attacking it on most
of the networking stack inside Tor so it will not only cover 'exits'.

>    118 Advertising multiple ORPorts at once

This is actually needed for IPv6, as most IPv6 stacks require separate
IPv4/IPv6 listen sockets. Some IPv6 stacks allow to accept IPv4
connections on IPv6 ports though.

>     This proposal describes how an OR can advertise more than one
>     address and OR port at a time.  It needs to be updated to work with
>     microdescriptors, and to explain how much information can be
>     transmitted in the consensus and how (the original proposal was
>     written before consensus directories were really figured out).

It thus also needs to be updated with IPv6 addresses.

>    xxx-ipv6-plan.txt
>      Here's a survey of what we need to do for IPv6 support that I
>      started writing.  It's not a proposal; it's a survey of proposal
>      and implementation statuses.

I'll have a look again at this and provide diffs to my current findings.


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