Translated manpages

Runa A. Sandvik at
Sun May 23 19:19:40 UTC 2010


I have been working on finding a way to translate the manpages via the
translation interface. There are only two small issues left: (1)
figure out whether or not tor-manual-dev.wml and tor-manual.wml should
be based on the same manpage, and (2) what we should do with the
translated manpages.

Both tor-manual-dev.wml and tor-manual.wml generate the manpages that
are displayed on the website. These files use the same manpage to
generate the html files. That's probably not what we want. Which
manpage should tor-manual-dev.wml use, and which manpage should
tor-manual.wml use?

We have four manpages in total, but only one is displayed on the
website. We do not want to ship translated manpages, but what should
we do with translations? Should we put everything on the website?

Comments and/or questions are always appreciated.


Runa A. Sandvik

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