Torsocks patch for iDevices

Nathan Freitas nathan at
Wed Jul 7 13:46:11 UTC 2010


Exciting work on this. I am your alter-ego on the Android port of Tor.

I am curious what about Tor requires the device to be jailbroken? Does
the new psuedo-multitasking/threading/app'ing change any of that?

In addition, have you thought about doing a combined Tor+Webkit browser
app all-in-one such that the Tor proxy doesn't have to run in the
background perse?


On 7/7/10 5:56 AM, Marco Bonetti wrote:
> Hi all,
> my name is Marco, I'm currently keeping a working port of Tor for the
> (jailbroken) iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad platforms.
> Attached here there's a patch for torsocks to build it with the iPhone
> Open Toolchain. The patch is very dirty so I'm looking for suggestions
> to clean it before (I hope!) an eventual inclusion.
> Basically, the iPhone OS is a stripped down version of OS X. The first
> step needed, is to identify that we're running a cross or native build
> for such platform: I'm using
> __ENVIRONMENT_IPHONE_OS_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED__ which is not very elegant
> but, at least, it's the only define I've found with an "IPHONE" string
> in it.
> This platform defines both __APPLE__ and __darwin__, unfortunately we
> can't use _NONSTD_SOURCE, so I skip the define as if we're running on 64bit.
> Last, the core libraries are much simpler: the UNIX2003, NOCANCEL and
> DARWIN_EXTSN variants do not exist, so I skipped involved code blocks.
> In doing this I used the "#if (defined(__APPLE__) ||
> defined(__darwin__)) &&
> someone could refresh me operators precedence I could remove a couple of
> brackets :-P
> Ciao!
> Marco
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> Marco Bonetti
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> Slackintosh Linux Project Developer:
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