Torsocks patch for iDevices

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Wed Jul 7 13:58:48 UTC 2010

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On 07/07/2010 03:46 PM, Nathan Freitas wrote:
> Exciting work on this.

> I am your alter-ego on the Android port of Tor.
Cool :)

> I am curious what about Tor requires the device to be jailbroken? Does
> the new psuedo-multitasking/threading/app'ing change any of that?
Naaah, "just" freedom of use: I do not own an Intel Mac and I'm doing
all my porting using the open toolchain on Slackware, that's all.
This does not mean it's easier than using the official SDK but running
on jailbroken devices will give you more freedom in what you're allowed
to do on those machine (real background processes, no need to send the
traffic updates to apple servers and so on...).

> In addition, have you thought about doing a combined Tor+Webkit browser
> app all-in-one such that the Tor proxy doesn't have to run in the
> background perse?
It would be wonderful and it will also be eligible for inclusion in the
AppStore but, well, it's a bit over my experience: I really enjoy
porting stuff over to different architectures and operating systems but
I'm not for pure development.

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