Proposal: Combine Introduction and Rendezvous Points

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Fri Jun 27 13:54:59 UTC 2008

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Hi Nick, Roger, Lasse, Paul, and list,

Nick, you wanted to have the new proposals for 0.2.1.x in until end of
June. This is the first out of three proposals that I think are worth
considering for 0.2.1.x. This proposal is also quite important for the
NLnet project, because it exhibits the potential for major performance
improvements. Certainly, it needs some discussion of anonymity and
security issues. If you think that there is too little time for this
discussion, we should schedule this proposal for 0.2.2.x. However, this
would be a pity as it wouldn't go with the NLnet project schedule. The
other two proposals that I plan to submit this week-end are minor
extensions of proposals 114 and 121. Sorry for the delay in sending you
these proposals; be assured that it's not just soccer that kept me from
working on them. ;)

Roger, are there any security/anonymity concerns about having separate
introduction points that are not covered here? You once said there are
issues that need to be better understood. Which are that?

Lasse and Paul, I'd be particularly interested in how you like the idea
of having your protocol simplification specified/implemented without
valet nodes. The main reason is that valet nodes increase both protocol
and implementation complexity, which inevitably leads to more bugs (as
shown before...). Therefore, I'd rather leave that concept out if possible.

As always, comments are highly appreciated!

- --Karsten
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