Tsocks with Tor patches

Robert Hogan robert at roberthogan.net
Sun Jun 22 12:03:19 UTC 2008

Hi there,

Ruben Garcia, who maintains the patched-for-Tor version of tsocks available at 
https://giig.ugr.es/~rgarcia/tsocks/ suggested to me that we merge his branch 
with my own patched version of tsocks bundled with Tork and maintain it in one 

This seemed a good idea to me. My own patches mainly addressed compiler warnings 
but also made the SOCKS defaults sensible for a Tor user, while Ruben's version 
had some patches from weasel that I wasn't aware of.

I have created a CVS module on Tork's SF repository that will hopefully serve as 
the basis for all future Tor-related patching:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at tork.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tork co -P 

This module contains all the patches listed at:


It also contains the following additional improvements:

- Support for gethostbyaddr. 
- Ported to an automake-based build system.
- A history of all applied patches.
- Various documentation/packaging related fixes suggested by Patrick Matthei.

The following are items I hope to add in the near future:

- Fully update the documentation to reflect the fact that this is a new fork of 
tsocks and is maintained separately.
- More support for isc library calls.
- Make thread-safe with --enable-threads.
- Modify tsocks further to play nicely with tor.  For  example, prevent nonlocal 
UDP traffic from being sent at all.

This is nice little side-project which I'm happy to maintain. The objective is to 
make torsocks the definitive fork for transparent socks use with Tor. I don't 
intend to advertise or distribute source bundles of torsocks myself (so the name 
is a statement of intended purpose only). I will keep it in the TorK repository 
until it's fit for the Tor project to host on svn (and distibute) and hopefully 
continue to maintain it there with anyone else who is interested. If it's not 
deemed suitable for the project to host I'll just continue to use it as a basis 
for the torksocks bundled with TorK.

Please let me know if there are items you would like to see added to the TODO 
list (http://tork.cvs.sourceforge.net/tork/torsocks/TODO), or anything else that 
needs to be addressed.

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