JanusPA - A hardware Privacy Adapter using Tor

dante dante at virtualblueness.net
Tue Dec 23 15:00:16 UTC 2008

Hi Kyle,

Very nice work.

You might be interested in something I did a little while ago.  I got a
tor server running on a wireless Linksys WRT54g router.  This allows me
to use tor at home with my laptops wirelessly.

Here's a quick howto since I never published on my site:

1) Get a MIPS I (little endian) environment up.  I used qemu and
installed debian-mipsel.  I started with the ramdisk image
mipsel-test-0.2.tar.gz from http://bellard.org/qemu/download.html and
bootstrapped into a fully functional debian system.

2) I compiled tor statically linked. (CFLAGS="-static" ./configure)

3) I got into my linksys using "Linux on WRTG54g" ...

4) I used ftpget to upload tor, configure and start it up.

It works fine, but you run out of memory fast because you have to use
ramdisk to store tor's cache files.

Tony Basile

Kyle Williams wrote:
> If anyone is seriously thinking about a good hardware based solution for
> Tor, I'd buy the gumstix now.  In fact, I just bought a couple more just in
> case mine breaks. I'll have the source code up withing a week, two tops  The
> FULL documentation will take about a bit longer to get done.
> Well, that's about it.  Feedback is welcome.
> Best Regards,
> Kyle
> PS.  Happy Holidays!

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