Setting up Private Tor Network with the real one

Eric C soccerislander at
Sun Sep 9 16:41:00 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I emailed this question to or-talk but I think this might require some
changes to the code, so or-dev might be a better place. I know this
should never be done and should not be implemented in Tor, but I
wanted to do this for research purposes only. Thank you for any ideas
and help.

I have my own private Tor network (with 3 directory servers and some
Tor servers) running, and I wanted my Tor client to talk to both my
directory servers and the real hard-coded directory servers.

Right now, my private Tor network is completely separate from the real
Tor network. So, none of my directory servers or my Tor servers show
up in any of the hard-coded directory servers. Although that will be
much easier, I don't want my Tor servers to show up in the hard-coded
directory servers.

I have my Tor client and want to be able to choose between both my Tor
servers and the real Tor servers for building a circuit. However,
since my 3 directory servers and the 3 (I chose moria1, moria2, and
tor26) hard-coded directory servers don't agree on router descriptors
(since the two networks are disjoint), I am never able to establish
any circuit.

I tried to go through the source code to change the check so that even
if one directory server says it has the router descriptor for a Tor
server (call it A), and the other 5 don't have A, it will still use A
as a node in the circuit. However, that didn't work, most likely
because I didn't change the correct code or something else.

Any ideas about how to make this work will be much appreciated.



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