[or-cvs] r11434: Complete implementation of proposal 104: remove bandwidth hi (in tor/trunk: . doc src/or)

Robert Hogan robert at roberthogan.net
Fri Sep 14 18:16:39 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 12 September 2007 18:33:23 nickm at seul.org wrote:
> Log:
>  r14392 at Kushana:  nickm | 2007-09-12 11:04:20 -0400
>  Complete implementation of proposal 104: remove bandwidth history lines
> from router descriptors.

I recently completed a feature in tork that utilises the bandwidth history. I 
dug a bit more into how i would  use the 'extra-info' option to retrieve the 
bandwidth history in future and have a couple of notes/questions:

There's currently no way of getting extra-info for just one descriptor from 
the control interface. Tor either downloads extra-info for all descriptors or 
none at all. What would be the best way of making extra-info available on 
demand from the control interface?

Should tor download extra-info for a router if it receives a getinfo 
server/desc/fd/xxx for that router, in anticipation of a possible extra-info 

Or would a setevents extra-info interface be better? If enabled, this would 
provide an asychronous extra-info message body for every server/desc/fd 
request received.

Also, there are a couple of typos in control.c, one of which prevents getinfo 
extra-info/digest from working.

Index: src/or/control.c
--- src/or/control.c    (revision 11439)
+++ src/or/control.c    (working copy)
@@ -1681,7 +1681,7 @@
   ITEM("desc/all-recent", dir,
        "All non-expired, non-superseded router descriptors."),
   ITEM("desc/all-recent-extrainfo-hack", dir, NULL), /* Hack. */
-  PREFIX("extrainfo/digest/", dir, "Extra-info documents by digest."),
+  PREFIX("extra-info/digest/", dir, "Extra-info documents by digest."),
   ITEM("ns/all", networkstatus,
        "Brief summary of router status (v2 directory format)"),
   PREFIX("ns/id/", networkstatus,
@@ -1689,7 +1689,7 @@
   PREFIX("ns/name/", networkstatus,
          "Brief summary of router status by nickname (v2 directory 

-  PREFIX("unregisterd-servers-", dirserv_unregistered, NULL),
+  PREFIX("unregistered-servers-", dirserv_unregistered, NULL),
   ITEM("network-status", dir,
        "Brief summary of router status (v1 directory format)"),
   ITEM("circuit-status", events, "List of current circuits originating 

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