Suggestion: Many OR-ports would improve the network

Paul Syverson syverson at
Fri Jun 15 12:56:36 UTC 2007

On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 01:45:34PM +0200, vikingserver at wrote:
> A Tor client behind a restrictive firewall/proxy doesn't even reach the
> dirservers, and has no way of connecting to the Tor network. Meaning
> it's almost useless as a tool to allow freedom of speech in the whole world.
> Decentralized popular P2P with a wide variety of ports and
> "hubs/nodes/servers" are more successfull then Tor at helping persons in
> oppressed countries.
> Tor has to become better in order to allow users in the whole world to
> reach every website in the world. But perhaps the goals is just to allow
> traffic in the western world from non restrictive networks?

You should read "Design of a blocking-resistant anonymity system"
and/or at least look at the slides on the Tor documentation page.


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