following on from today's discussion

Chris Palmer chris at
Sun Aug 20 22:19:35 UTC 2006

Jay Goodman Tamboli writes:

> Is it true that your traffic is more likely to be eavesdropped upon?

We can only speculate.  End-to-end encryption...

> I am not a lawyer, but is anyone here sure that there are legal
> protections against network administrators listening that would not
> apply to Tor node operators?

Kevin Bankston, a lawyer at the EFF who specializes in surveillance and
privacy law, is very certain that it is illegal for Tor operators to
surveil Tor traffic in many or most circumstances.  You can hit him up
for more info (I think his contact info is still in the Tor Legal FAQ),
or you can play it safe by using end-to-end encryption and not
surveilling Tor traffic going through your Tor server.  :)

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