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Robert Hogan robert at
Mon Aug 21 17:06:30 UTC 2006

On Sunday 20 August 2006 23:19, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Jay Goodman Tamboli writes:
> > Is it true that your traffic is more likely to be eavesdropped upon?
> We can only speculate.  End-to-end encryption...

It's not a matter of speculation. Using Tor expands the number of potential 
eavesdroppers by at least the number of exit nodes in the Tor network. 

> > I am not a lawyer, but is anyone here sure that there are legal
> > protections against network administrators listening that would not
> > apply to Tor node operators?
> Kevin Bankston, a lawyer at the EFF who specializes in surveillance and
> privacy law, is very certain that it is illegal for Tor operators to
> surveil Tor traffic in many or most circumstances.  You can hit him up
> for more info (I think his contact info is still in the Tor Legal FAQ),
> or you can play it safe by using end-to-end encryption and not
> surveilling Tor traffic going through your Tor server.  :)

I don't think the law is much consolation for someone who wants to remain 


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