Static compiling tor?

Aron Homberg info at
Sun Apr 16 22:59:37 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I'm developing an open source  java instant messenger.
I had the idea, that my instant messenger client could 
communicate over tor/tsocks with my instant messenger 
server which is using the same technique. The instant 
messenger server will provide a tor hidden service.

While using tor/tsocks, I only have to start the onion 
router using the JNI(Java native interface) and 
communicating with the tsocks proxy on a local port. 
Thats cool and easy for me because I don't have to 
implement any encryption or privacy routines in my 
instant messenger! ;-)

As I use SWT(Standards Widget Toolkit), which is 
half-native too, I have to pack three jar-packages. 
A linux, a mac os and a windows one. 
Thats still cool and easy to maintain for me.

But thats my problem now: 
There is a windows version of tor, 
runnable on all windows nt platforms, 
a mac os x tiger version but there is _no_ 
version for linux right now, that is runnable on 
_every_ linux distribution available ;-)

Because I cannot create a jar-package for 
each linux distro I decided to compile 
tor/tsocks static but thats my real problem:
I'm not the freak in linux c programming yet... 
and I don't know how to compile complete static binarys.

I tried it by editing the make files and adding a "-static" 
to the LINK-variable to force ld to link it static 
but the strace output told me that this "pseudo-static" 
linked binary is not complete static. This binary
still loads external libs.

The resulting binary I beleve is one, that runs fine in
a busybox 0.6x(without uClib). So I can feel sure
that this binary runs on any linux distribution on a x86 
platform. Is this possible?

Perhaphs you can help me?
I'm pleased for each reply!

Thanks and best regards,

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