Static compiling tor?

Peter Palfrader peter at
Mon Apr 17 02:50:49 UTC 2006

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Aron Homberg wrote:

> But thats my problem now: 
> There is a windows version of tor, 
> runnable on all windows nt platforms, 
> a mac os x tiger version but there is _no_ 
> version for linux right now, that is runnable on 
> _every_ linux distribution available ;-)
> Because I cannot create a jar-package for 
> each linux distro I decided to compile 
> tor/tsocks static but thats my real problem:

That won't help.  Your statically compiled tor for powerpc will not run
on my sparc running linux.  Just like Roger's amd64 Tor will not run on
Nick's arm.  And Phobos' i386 binary will not run on Jake's mipsel.

Linux is not just for one platform.
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