Tor server

Noelle Ng ytng at
Tue Feb 24 05:56:16 UTC 2004


i am configuring the tor server, when i made changes to config/torrc file,
and tor it, i got this message:

Feb 24 16:41:58.583 [warn] tor_main(): Tor v0.0.2pre19. This is
experimental software. Do not use it if you need anonymity.
Feb 24 16:41:58.697 [warn] router_pick_directory_server(): No dirservers
in directory! Returning NULL.
Feb 24 16:41:58.697 [warn] directory_initiate_command(): No running
dirservers known. Not trying.
i guess because the current "dirservers" file is empty. does it make sense?

where do i get the router descriptor file ?

another one who had tried this before?


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