cygwin/windows or test logfiles

Bruce Montrose montrose at
Wed Jun 11 14:33:45 UTC 2003

Can be found in my public_html directory on within the file called


1. I first started up or1 and or2 which are known to work.
2. I generated traffic through or1 and or2 with my browser to verify
   that or1 and or2 were working properly.
3. I then started up or4 which is the cygwin version.
4. I attempted to generate more traffic through the onion routers.
5. I noticed quite a lot of activity on all three onion routers, but
   ultimately the cygwin onion router eventually hung.
6. I then killed the cygwin onion router and the traffic that I had
   queued up went through the other two onion routers at that time.

Included in debug.tar.gz are the log files that show the activity on each of
the onion routers during this test under the names or1.log, or2.log, and

Also within debug.tar.gz are the following directories:

or		which contains the source that was used for or4 on the
cygwin 		machine.

ortest	which contains the environment in which the onion router was
run (config files, etc).

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