cygwin/windows or test logfiles

Roger Dingledine arma at
Thu Jun 12 09:38:21 UTC 2003

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 10:33:45AM -0400, Bruce Montrose wrote:
> 1. I first started up or1 and or2 which are known to work.
> 2. I generated traffic through or1 and or2 with my browser to verify
>    that or1 and or2 were working properly.
> 3. I then started up or4 which is the cygwin version.
> 4. I attempted to generate more traffic through the onion routers.
> 5. I noticed quite a lot of activity on all three onion routers, but
>    ultimately the cygwin onion router eventually hung.

 From the log files, it looks like you didn't try doing anything after it
hung. So it could just be that it read the whole file off the webserver,
and then it didn't recognize eof? I'm curious whether you could have
sent another transaction through it at that point.

> 6. I then killed the cygwin onion router and the traffic that I had
>    queued up went through the other two onion routers at that time.

This doesn't seem consistent with the log files. What do you mean other
traffic that you had queued up?

But the overall result of this convinces me that it's going to be
considerable (meaning more than an afternoon, who knows how much more)
work to get this thing running on Windows. The reason for this is that
Windows doesn't do things in a Posix way, and I don't know how much they
deviate. I'm tempted to put it off until we have users, since then at
least we would have people to tell us when we get it right; and if we're
lucky some of them would be Windows savvy and could give us a hand.

Bruce -- you don't happen to have experience with network I/O on Windows,
by any chance? :)


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