[tor-commits] [translation/https_everywhere] Update translations for https_everywhere

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Tue Apr 22 18:15:17 UTC 2014

commit fa6712987f885a6069687fa719e49c51f1f0f447
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Tue Apr 22 18:15:17 2014 +0000

    Update translations for https_everywhere
 hi/https-everywhere.dtd |   26 +++++++++++++-------------
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hi/https-everywhere.dtd b/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
index f735798..cbe2a7c 100644
--- a/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
+++ b/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
@@ -13,35 +13,35 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.about "About HTTPS Everywhere">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.observatory "SSL Observatory Preferences">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable "Enable HTTPS Everywhere">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable "Disable HTTPS Everywhere">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.showCounter "Show Counter">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable "हर जगह HTTPS अक्षम">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.showCounter "काउंटर दिखाएँ">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.title "HTTPS Everywhere Preferences">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enable_all "सभी सक्षम">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.disable_all "Disable All">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.disable_all "सभी अक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.reset_defaults "Reset to Defaults">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.search "खोज">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.site "स्थल">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.notes "Notes">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.notes "नोट्स">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.list_caption "Which HTTPS redirection rules should apply?">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enabled "Enabled">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enabled "सक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.ruleset_howto "You can learn how to write your own rulesets (to add support for other web sites)">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.here_link "here">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.here_link "यहां">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.toggle "Toggle">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.reset_default "Reset to Default">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.view_xml_source "View XML Source">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.view_xml_source " एक्सएमएल स्रोत देखें">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.downloading "Downloading">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.filename " फ़ैल का नाम​">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.filename " फाईल का नाम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.source.unable_to_download "Unable to download source.">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.title "HTTPS Everywhere 4.0development.11 notification">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph1 "Oops. You were using the stable version of HTTPS Everywhere, but we might have accidentally upgraded you to the development version in our last release.">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph2 "Would you like to go back to stable?">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.title "HTTPS हर जगह 4.0 विकास .11 अधिसूचना">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph1 "उफ़. आप हर जगह HTTPS का स्थिर संस्करण का उपयोग कर रहे थे, लेकिन हम गलती से हमारे पिछले रिलीज में विकास संस्करण पर अपग्रेड किया गया हो सकता है.">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph2 "आप वापस स्थिर करने के लिए जाना चाहते हैं?">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.paragraph3 "We'd love it if you continued using our development release and helped us make HTTPS Everywhere better! You might find there are a few more bugs here and there, which you can report to https-everywhere at eff.org. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you for using HTTPS Everywhere.">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.keep "Keep me on the development version">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.keep "विकास संस्करण पर मुझे रखें">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.popup.revert "Download the latest stable version">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.ruleset-tests.status_title "HTTPS Everywhere Ruleset Tests">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.ruleset-tests.status_cancel_button "रद्द करें">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.ruleset-tests.status_start_button "Start">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.ruleset-tests.status_start_button "प्रारंभ">

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