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Tue Apr 22 18:45:18 UTC 2014

commit c3b14f47132777032c3bdd122dca9d467a458c0a
Author: Translation commit bot <translation at torproject.org>
Date:   Tue Apr 22 18:45:16 2014 +0000

    Update translations for https_everywhere
 hi/https-everywhere.dtd        |    6 +--
 hi/https-everywhere.properties |    4 +-
 hi/ssl-observatory.dtd         |   95 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 100 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/hi/https-everywhere.dtd b/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
index cbe2a7c..58bdf23 100644
--- a/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
+++ b/hi/https-everywhere.dtd
@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.about.donate_eff "Donating to EFF">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.about "About HTTPS Everywhere">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.observatory "SSL Observatory Preferences">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable "Enable HTTPS Everywhere">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.observatory "एसएसएल वेधशाला प्राथमिकताएं">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable "हर जगह HTTPS सक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable "हर जगह HTTPS अक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.menu.showCounter "काउंटर दिखाएँ">
-<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.title "HTTPS Everywhere Preferences">
+<!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.title "HTTPS हर जगह प्राथमिकताएं">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.enable_all "सभी सक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.disable_all "सभी अक्षम">
 <!ENTITY https-everywhere.prefs.reset_defaults "Reset to Defaults">
diff --git a/hi/https-everywhere.properties b/hi/https-everywhere.properties
index be83831..5d905b8 100644
--- a/hi/https-everywhere.properties
+++ b/hi/https-everywhere.properties
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable = Enable HTTPS Everywhere
-https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable = Disable HTTPS Everywhere
+https-everywhere.menu.globalEnable = हर जगह HTTPS सक्षम
+https-everywhere.menu.globalDisable = हर जगह HTTPS अक्षम
 https-everywhere.menu.enableDisable = Enable / Disable Rules
 https-everywhere.menu.noRules = (No Rules for This Page)
 https-everywhere.menu.unknownRules = (Rules for This Page Unknown)
diff --git a/hi/ssl-observatory.dtd b/hi/ssl-observatory.dtd
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..dc8241f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/hi/ssl-observatory.dtd
@@ -0,0 +1,95 @@
+<!-- Observatory popup window -->
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.details "Details and Privacy Information">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.later "Ask Me Later">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.no "No">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.text "HTTPS Everywhere can detect attacks
+against your browser by sending the certificates you receive to the
+Observatory.  Turn this on?">
+<!--<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.text 
+"EFF's SSL Observatory can detect attacks against HTTPS websites by collecting
+and auditing the certificates being presented to your browser. Would you like
+to turn it on?">-->
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.title 
+"Should HTTPS Everywhere use the SSL Observatory?">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.popup.yes "Yes">
+<!-- Observatory preferences dialog -->
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.adv_priv_opts1
+"It is safe to enable this, unless you use a very
+intrusive corporate network:">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.adv_priv_opts2
+"Safe, unless you use a corporate network with secret intranet server names:">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.alt_roots 
+"Submit and check certificates signed by non-standard root CAs">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.alt_roots_tooltip 
+"It is safe (and a good idea) to enable this option, unless you use an intrusive corporate network or Kaspersky antivirus software that monitors your browsing with a TLS proxy and a private root Certificate Authority.  If enabled on such a network, this option might publish evidence of which https:// domains were being visited through that proxy, because of the unique certificates it would produce.  So we leave it off by default.">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous "Check certificates using Tor for anonymity">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous_unavailable 
+"Check certificates using Tor for anonymity (requires Tor)">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.anonymous_tooltip 
+"This option requires Tor to be installed and running">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.asn 
+"When you see a new certificate, tell the Observatory which ISP you are connected to">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.asn_tooltip
+"This will fetch and send the "Autonomous System number" of your network.  This will help us locate attacks against HTTPS, and to determine whether we have observations from networks in places like Iran and Syria where attacks are comparatively common.">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.done "Done">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.explanation 
+"HTTPS Everywhere can use EFF's SSL Observatory.  This does two things: (1)
+sends copies of HTTPS certificates to the Observatory, to help us
+detect 'man in the middle' attacks and improve the Web's security; and (2)
+lets us warn you about insecure connections or attacks on your browser.">
+<!--<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.explanation2
+"When you visit https://www.example.com, the Observatory will learn that
+somebody visited that site, but will not know who or what page they looked at.
+Mouseover the options for further details:">-->
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.explanation2
+"For example, when you visit https://www.something.com, the certificate
+received by the Observatory will indicate that somebody visited
+www.something.com, but not who visited the site, or what specific page they
+looked at.  Mouseover the options for further details:">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.hide "Hide advanced options">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.nonanon 
+"Check certificates even if Tor is not available">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.nonanon_tooltip
+"We will still try to keep the data anonymous, but this option is less secure">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.priv_dns 
+"Submit and check certificates for non-public DNS names">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.priv_dns_tooltip
+"Unless this option is checked, the Observatory will not record certificates for names that it cannot resolve through the DNS system.">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.show "Show advanced options">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.title "एसएसएल वेधशाला प्राथमिकताएं">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.use "Use the Observatory?">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.title "WARNING from EFF's SSL Observatory">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.showcert "Show the certificate chain">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.okay "I understand">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.text "EFF's SSL Observatory has issued a warning about the HTTPS certificiate(s) for this site:">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.warning.defense "If you are logged in to this site, it may be advisable to change your password once you have a safe connection.">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.self_signed
+"Submit and check self-signed certificates">
+<!ENTITY ssl-observatory.prefs.self_signed_tooltip
+"This is recommended; cryptographic problems are especially common in self-signed embedded devices">

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