[tor-bugs] #9244 [BridgeDB]: bridgedb's GeoIP module (v0.2.6, the latest) causes python to segfault

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Thu Jul 18 07:36:57 UTC 2013

#9244: bridgedb's GeoIP module (v0.2.6, the latest) causes python to segfault
 Reporter:  isis           |          Owner:  isis             
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Comment(by karsten):

 Blockfinder is not a GeoIP database of its own, but allows you to import
 various databases into a SQLite database and query that.  It's probably
 not useful for BridgeDB right now.

 I recommend using MaxMind's database.  If you don't get their library
 running, you could simply write your own parsing code to use the
 `src/config/geoip` file we ship with tor.  The latter has the advantage
 that `A1 Anonymous Proxy` ranges are removed, which is not the case in
 MaxMind's original GeoIP file.

 Speaking of MaxMind, they're planning to roll out a new GeoIP2 database
 version by the end of this year.  This is interesting to us, because we
 won't have to remove `A1` ranges from that database anymore.  However,
 we'll have to write new tools to process their databases.  I could imagine
 that we maintain a Python and a Java version of our own GeoIP parsing
 library that we can use in various products.  I guess that means you
 shouldn't spend days on fixing GeoIP support in BridgeDB, because a few
 months later, we may have to fix it again.

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