[tor-bugs] #9244 [BridgeDB]: bridgedb's GeoIP module (v0.2.6, the latest) causes python to segfault

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Thu Jul 18 14:48:53 UTC 2013

#9244: bridgedb's GeoIP module (v0.2.6, the latest) causes python to segfault
 Reporter:  isis           |          Owner:  isis             
     Type:  defect         |         Status:  needs_information
 Priority:  normal         |      Milestone:                   
Component:  BridgeDB       |        Version:                   
 Keywords:  geoip,maxmind  |         Parent:                   
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Comment(by sysrqb):

 Replying to [comment:3 isis]:
 > Blockfinder uses MaxMind's GeoIP, though when it refreshes the files I
 believe it just shells out with a wget to get the GeoIP DB file from
 MaxMind's website and then shoves it into a local sqlite DB. But I could
 be wrong, I've not touched that part of it's code and I only skimmed over
 it. Jake would probably know more.

 Woops, yes, it definitely does.

 > I don't have any suggestions, though most Tor projects use MaxMind, so
 we probably shouldn't stray from that just because the files are not small
 and it is likely that users already have them taking up a chunk of their

 The size of the DB probably impacts OONI more than BridgeDB simply because
 not many users run Bridgedb locally. BridgeDB also only uses the GeoIP
 lookup to determine within which country the returned bridges should not
 be blocked. I'm guessing aagbsn hasn't had a problem with this, yet.

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