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#4776: useful metrics network page graph: cdf of advertised bandwidth
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Comment(by karsten):

 Replying to [ticket:4776 arma]:
 > The median advertised bandwidth (minimum of the three published values
 in the descriptor) used to be 50KB, and now it's 100KB. What do the sides
 look like?

 Minimum of all three?  Interesting.  I always used the minimum of the
 first and the third value.  But maybe burst is guaranteed not to be lower
 than rate.  Is that the case?

 > I think that's one useful way to characterize the Tor network: a cdf
 with advertised bandwidth on the x axis and "number of relays with that
 bandwidth or less" on the y axis.

 Makes sense.

 > Bonus points if you can pick a date and generate a cdf for it.

 When you say "date," there's the question of aggregating data from one
 day.  I'm not sure how to aggregate data points for this cdf without over-
 representing stable relays.  Does "pick a date and generate a cdf for the
 first consensus published on that day" qualify, too?

 So, there are two options here: a) extracting the data from the database
 and b) adding a materialized view and extending the website.  a) takes me
 an hour or two, b) takes me half a day or more and means dropping other
 things on the floor.  When do you need the graphs?

 Replying to [comment:1 arma]:
 > I guess one for 'bandwidth history' would be neat too, a la

 That's slightly more difficult, but should be doable.

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