[tbb-dev] Fingerprinting Test Page

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Thu Jan 10 07:22:20 UTC 2019

There's a Mozilla contributor
who's been working on a unified fingerprinting test page. It is
in-progress here:
https://ghacksuserjs.github.io/TorZillaPrint/TorZillaPrint.html (code:

I am not sure how this compares to fpcentral, either in current
incarnation or in architecture and future ease-of-evolution or
ease-of-automated-integration BUT it seems to be pretty handy.  I know
he is interested in building it out to make it feature-complete.

So if you're working on a fingerprinting bug and you need to code up a
test; you might consider putting it in this framework to work towards
keeping it all in one place?


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