[tbb-dev] [Survey] Does your team uses github.com?

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Jul 4 21:35:58 UTC 2018

Hi there, I am sending this to all vegas teams in order to collect
information to make decisions on how we should configure github.com for
Tor teams use.

To be clear - we are not replacing hosting our own git repo for github.com.

We are considering using it as a synced repo for other means (more
information below).

Please answer this as soon as you can so we can get things organized :)
and projects that want to use it can move on to use it.



This history goes way back then I will do in the background I am
providing here. If you want to know more ping (isa or maybe irc in
general cuz isa doesn't know i tall either).

To make things short, we have been investigating options to improve our
workflow and volunteers workflow. Network team has being doing a lot of
that and recently decided to use github.com as a solution for, between
other things:

  * receive and review volunteers collaborations
  * review long pieces of code
  * use travis/CI testing from github.com infra

When doing it we saw that OONI is also using github.com in their
workflow. And after the network team migrated to it, stem also start
using it. With that, an instance of gitlab that we had for tests
(oniongit) was only being used by the UX/Services teams. To consolidate
how we do things, UX/Services teams decided to move to github.com too
(and we will kill oniongit).

The idea here is to have github.com for volunteers patches and some of
the stuff listed above that the network team is doing (if people want
them) but we will:

  * keep trac as our issue tracker (so all teams will continue to use
    trac tickets to coordinate their work)
  * our real repo will always be our repo (so we can only push to master
    on our repo and only us can do it)

There is more to what I am saying here, more configuration details and
use cases you might want to talk about. That is why I am sending this
survey, to learn more from all teams.

The goal here is to organize how tor does things with github and have
this option available for teams to use. If you think your team doesn't
need this you can just let us know in the survey.

note: some configuration discussion is going on in this other pad:


Do you currently use github for anything? If yes, could you describe a
bit how? Things like:

  * What usernames your team members has on github?
  * What github projects is your team using?
  * What github repos?
  * Any special permissions configuration?
  * Do you sync what is there with tor's git? (gitweb) If so how?

If you are not using it yet, and could see a reason to start using it,
please let us know:

  * What would you answer for the above questions (for those who are
    already using it), you can write 'i would need a project named xxxx'
    for instance.
  * Is there anything else your team would need in order to be set up to
    use github?

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