[tbb-dev] Roadmaps and funding moving forward.

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Sep 26 04:07:17 UTC 2017

On 9/25/17 16:16, Mark Smith wrote:
> I skimmed the tbb-usability tickets and added some tickets to the pad.
> But I am not sure how to set priorities. I suspect everyone will have a
> different opinion, but I would say that we should focus our efforts on
> acquisition plus the things that make Tor Browser more difficult to use
> on a daily basis (e.g., security UI, circuit display, website
> compatibility problems).
> -Mark

Thank you!

Yes, we will have to prioritize things. Also, what doesn't get to be
done now can be done later (this roadmap is just from between Montreal
meeting and the next one).

We will definitely save this brainstorm so we don't miss what is not taken.

Talking about 'taking' things, I will go over it tomorrow (now my brain
is too mushy) and pick some stuff I might consider priority and that the
designer can be working with the team. This designer contract will be
part time and for 6 months. We will hope to move (after those 6 months)
into a full time position.

So what I will be picking will be stuff related to that work. That might
be other work on that list that we can do or should still be added to
the team roadmap.

Also I will share with y'all whatever I pick so you can 'approve' my
suggestions hehe

Like I said, I am just trying to get this designer tasks figure out. So
I hope folks does prioritize the rest in Montreal.


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