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Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Tue Jul 18 08:56:13 UTC 2017


Release early, release often and whatnot.  As it is unlikely that I
will have much time to work on this before the next alpha[0], I will tag
0.0.11 now.

Changes in version 0.0.11 - 2017-07-18:
 * Bug 22910: Deprecate the volatile extension dir option.
 * Bug 22932: Add experimental Amensiac Profile Directory support.

As of this release `about:addons`'s get addon pane is no longer
supported at all, reflecting the (unrelased) change made to Tor Browser.

As an additional defense in depth measure, addons inside the profile
directory are explicitly and individually read-only bind mounted into
the container, and even installing addons manually by copying the XPI
into the profiles.default/extensions subdirectory will not work without
altering the container setup and recompiling the sandbox.

Note that the mechanism for whitelisting addons is somewhat more
fragile than I would like, and in an ideal world, the Tor Browser addons
would both be stored in `browser/extensions`, and cryptographically
signed with a Tor Browser specific signing key.  But it's an imperfect
world, and in a perfect one, I'd be dealing with chromium instead[1].

The Amnesiac Profile Directory feature behaves basically as one would
expect.  At launch time the profile directory is copied into a tmpfs
mount inside the container, so all changes made to the profile are
non-persistent.  The option is hidden under the `--advanced` command
line flag, because it's experimental and I don't want to deal with
people asking why the browser ate their preferences/bookmarks.

The emphasis is on "Profile Directory", any files in the
Downloads/Desktop directories inside the container are left as is,
because I couldn't think of a sensible way to handle that, and a
browser that can't be effectively used for downloads is rather

No special handling "the user ran the update with the setting
enabled".  Odd/undesirable behavior may happen, so don't do that.  The
UI option to enable the setting is clearly marked as "Experimental" for
a reason.


Yawning Angel

[0]: I reserve the right to totally flip out over more hideous evil in
Firefox, if such things should come to light.
[1]: I am being somewhat facetious here, and I am well aware of why
this isn't the case.  But since I just had to add code to deal with
defanging "telemetery"...
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