[tbb-dev] Tag: sandboxed-tor-browser-0.0.10

Yawning Angel yawning at schwanenlied.me
Wed Jul 12 20:30:22 UTC 2017


New tag, because "Firefox loads Google Analytics in an IFRAME as part
of an 'about:' URL" is all sorts of unacceptable.

The approach I went with is to reject all network access to
`discovery.addons.mozilla.org` unless the user has explicitly
enabled the option labeled `Modifiable Extensions (UNSAFE: Security,
Anonymity)`, in which case the pane will function normally.

The SelfRando workaround should be unneeded as of the next Tor Browser
Alpha release as upstream fixed the underlying issue.

Changes in version 0.0.10 - 2017-07-12:
 * Bug 22829: Remove default obfs4 bridge riemann.
 * Bug 22853: Something in SelfRando is totally brain damaged.
 * Bug 22899: `about:addons`'s "Get Addons" pane is unsafe and should be
              treated as such.
 * Bug 22901: Clarify/expand on the warnings for all the config


Yawning Angel
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