[tbb-dev] XUL Tor Launcher EOL?

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Dec 13 07:47:00 UTC 2017

> Georg Koppen:
>> anonym:
>>> Background: since Tails likely won't be able to switch to the WebExtension version easily [0], my hope is that you will continue to ship the XUL version throughout the 7.0-series, based on 52esr, and only switch to the WebExtension once Tor Browser is based on 59esr (which I suppose will happen either with 59.0 in March or, or 59.1 in May). I.e. that we in Tails still have plenty time to find a solution [1]. :)
>> It definitely won't happen in the 7.x series (which means not before we
>> switch to a new ESR)
> Thanks!
> While I'm at it, let me ask a related question that will help me plan some of my Tails work: when do you expect to ship the Sponsor4 UX improvements for Tor Launcher in the stable Tor Browser?

In the next regular stable release which should be 7.5. It's planned for
January 23rd 2018.


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