[tbb-dev] XUL Tor Launcher EOL?

anonym anonym at riseup.net
Tue Dec 12 12:24:00 UTC 2017

Georg Koppen:
> anonym:
>> Background: since Tails likely won't be able to switch to the WebExtension version easily [0], my hope is that you will continue to ship the XUL version throughout the 7.0-series, based on 52esr, and only switch to the WebExtension once Tor Browser is based on 59esr (which I suppose will happen either with 59.0 in March or, or 59.1 in May). I.e. that we in Tails still have plenty time to find a solution [1]. :)
> It definitely won't happen in the 7.x series (which means not before we
> switch to a new ESR)


While I'm at it, let me ask a related question that will help me plan some of my Tails work: when do you expect to ship the Sponsor4 UX improvements for Tor Launcher in the stable Tor Browser?


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