[tbb-dev] 38.6.0esr unit tests

Nicolas Vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Feb 8 18:57:48 UTC 2016


I have been rebasing the tor browser patches split repo on 38.6.0esr:

After submitting all branches to Try Server and ignoring the tests that
already failed on 38.5.0esr, we have the following tests which failed:

The main things we can see is that we have a few tests that did not fail
when they were run on 38.6.0esr without any other patch:
- tbb-tests/test_tor_bug2875.html
- tbb-tests/browser_tor_bug2950.js
- tbb-tests/test_tor_bug4755.html
- tbb-tests/test_tor_bug5856.html

The other failures seems to be intermitent (some of them have been run
twice and didn't fail the 2nd time, I will try to see if it's possible
to ignore them automatically in that case), on a new branch (Bug-16620),
or in the tor-browser branch (which includes the pref change patches,
causing many test failures).

The config used to filter results:

The full list of test results:


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