[tbb-dev] Notes from the help desk

Matt Pagan matt at pagan.io
Mon Jan 5 15:23:37 UTC 2015


I'm writing this mail since I can't attend the IRC meeting today. One
thing to note from help desk requests is that the Vidalia Windows
bundles-- the Vidalia Relay Bundle, the Vidalia Exit Bundle, and the
Vidalia Bridge Bundle-- are still quite popular. And they really
shouldn't be.

Their Tor is one version number behind, I'm not sure what version of
Firefox ESR it contains, and Vidalia crashes with errors pretty often.
The recommended way to use Tor to browse the web is Tor Browser, and
the low-bandwidth relays these bundles create are more drain on the
network than help. I'd like to recommend that we remove the Vidalia
Bundles (but not the Windows Expert Bundle which is Tor-only plus an
installer) from our website. I also think we should make a blog post
explaining that Vidalia is deprecated and should no longer be used. I'd
be willing to help with either of these tasks with some guidance.

All the best,
Matt Pagan

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