[tbb-dev] Problems getting a nsIChannel reference

tordevmuc at encambio.com tordevmuc at encambio.com
Thu Jan 15 01:16:23 UTC 2015

Hello list,

Regarding #9701, on Monday's meeting we talked about this method:

  DataStruct::SetData (nsISupports* aData, uint32_t aDataLen)
  { // Try to get a nsIChannel here }

And a helpful comment was 'get the channel from the
top level chrome window.' I tried a few things:

  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMChromeWindow> aWin(do_QueryInterface(aData, &rv));
  nsCOMPtr<nsILoadContext> aCtx(do_QueryInterface(aData, &rv));

These calls set rv == NS_NOINTERFACE in every case. Am I missing
another way to get the top chrome window? Is there a global mTopwin?

SetData gets called like this:

  nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsString> aString;
  SetData (aString, <some-number>)

By the way, another suggestion to use the JavaScript module
PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm requires a nsILoadContext pointer,
failing with rv == NS_NOINTERFACE in the same way.

Looks like this is not going to make it in the 4.5 alpha 3 release.

(No) Cheers,
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