[tbb-dev] Https Everywhere and custom rules

Karel Bílek kb at karelbilek.com
Fri Oct 31 18:53:44 UTC 2014


sorry if I am posting it to a wrong place, but it seemed like the perfect one.

I am using Chromium with "HTTPS Everywhere" and I love how easy is to
add a new website rules there. I just click on the icon and basically
click on "add".

I am now trying Tor Browser, and it's more difficult by several
factors. I have to go to a certain folder inside the very complicated
Tor Browser folder, find one that seems like the correct one, manually
(!) write XML rules, restart Tor browser, and hope that it works and
that the next Tor Browser update won't delete everything.

I realize that it's technically a fault of HTTPS Everywhere for
Firefox, not you, but it's a giant usability letdown.

Are there any plans to fix that, either in HTTPS Everywhere for
Firefox itself or separately inside Tor Browser bundle?


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