[tbb-dev] Tor unexpectedly exited

Matt Pagan matt at pagan.io
Fri Mar 28 22:06:55 UTC 2014

Even though I missed the IRC meeting today (sorry), I wanted to share
that there has been a noticeable increase lately in support requests
regarding a "Tor unexpectedly exited. Please restart the application."

Users will get this message over and over when trying to start their Tor
Browser. At least some of these folks are already familiar with Tor
Browser ("It worked fine before"). As a response, we will usually tell
users to delete their current Tor Browser and download the Tor Browser
again, which seems to usually clear up the issue. I have not opened a
new ticket for this issue.

Matt Pagan
matt at pagan.io
PGP: 0xE9284418E360583C

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