[tbb-dev] jshooks?

Arthur D. Edelstein arthuredelstein at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 18:29:04 UTC 2014

>> 2. jshooks4.js doesn't seem to be in use at all. Is that correct?
>> Would it make sense to remove this file from the master branch?
> Probably to avoid confusion, yes.

I've submitted a patch here for removing the jshooks*.js files.

>> 3. In general, what's the approach for deciding whether to patch
>> Mozilla C++ code vs torbutton JS code for anti-fingerprinting and
>> similar bugs? I understand there is a desire to move more toward C++,
>> but I'm not sure what the overall plan is.
> Long-term, we want to move all of the privacy features of Torbutton into
> either C++ patches for Mozilla to merge, or failing that, into a
> separate addon for dealing specifically with privacy.
> In this particular case (locale leaking in Date()), I think we
> definitely want a C++ patch.

Sounds good.

> The only thing that might change this is if there were a lot of such
> locale leaks, and they turned to likely to be both extremely tedious to
> fix with C++ patches, as well as unlikely to ever be merged by Mozilla.

This one seems to be doable. Still trying to fix a weird behavior in
the associated boolean pref, though, where Preferences::GetBool always
returns true, even if the pref is set to false.


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