[tbb-dev] stopgap fix for ticket #9516 (Show log in Tor Browser)

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Fri Aug 1 08:37:28 UTC 2014

Mark Smith:
> Is it is too late to include a small but possibly important Tor Launcher
> improvement in TB 3.6.4?  Please take a look at:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/9516#comment:7
> If Mike and others think the change is useful, it would be trivial to
> merge this fix into Tor Launcher's maint-0.2.5 branch (for TB 3.6.4).

It is not too late. AFAICT there a no current plans to get a Tor Browser
3.6.4 out immediately. But even if so, we'd at least need to rebundle at
least one more time. And whether we include a new Tor Launcher version
in this process or not does not matter much. Thus, looking at the
respective commit, I'd say: "Go, merge it."


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