[tbb-dev] TBB versions file

Nicolas Vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Thu Apr 10 13:19:57 UTC 2014


We now have some automated tests run on TBB nightly builds, and also on
new releases:

For the new releases, the script needs to know the version number of
that release to be able to download it. Currently, I am updating the
version number in this file when there is a new one to be tested:

However, I think that maybe we should have a file somewhere on a git
repository, where we write the version number of a new release that
needs to be tested. This versions file could be also used by an other
script to trigger new builds. So in addition to version numbers it can
contain a commit hash, and build type (the makefile rule we need to use:
normal build, beta or alpha).

Later we can think about using it for other things too: upload of new
versions to mirrors, removal of old versions, website update, update
of recommended version file, etc ...

I am thinking about a yaml file that look like this:

    type: release
    build_commit: ada623c4cbc145521980e6bce08611cff7e81cad
    type: beta
    build_commit: ada623c4cbc145521980e6bce08611cff7e81cad

We can put this file in a git repository where all commits are signed
(with git commit -S), and the scripts that use it check the signatures
when pulling (with git pull --verify-signatures). We can use something
like this to do that:

Then it would work like this:

- a script check this version file, and if there is a new version
  defined in the file that has not been built yet, starts a new build,
  and upload it to people.torproject.org if the build is successful.

- the script that run automated tests check this version file, and when
  a version defined in this file is available from at least two builders
  on people.torproject.org, starts running the tests.

What do you think about this ?

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