[tbb-dev] TBB versions file

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Fri Apr 11 12:04:56 UTC 2014


Nicolas Vigier:
> I am thinking about a yaml file that look like this:
> ----
> tbbversions:
>   3.5.4:
>     type: release
>     build_commit: ada623c4cbc145521980e6bce08611cff7e81cad
>   3.6-beta-2:
>     type: beta
>     build_commit: ada623c4cbc145521980e6bce08611cff7e81cad
> ----
> We can put this file in a git repository where all commits are signed
> (with git commit -S), and the scripts that use it check the signatures
> when pulling (with git pull --verify-signatures). We can use something
> like this to do that:
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/boklm/tor-browser-bundle-testsuite.git/blob/HEAD:/tools/pull
> Then it would work like this:
> - a script check this version file, and if there is a new version
>   defined in the file that has not been built yet, starts a new build,
>   and upload it to people.torproject.org if the build is successful.
> - the script that run automated tests check this version file, and when
>   a version defined in this file is available from at least two builders
>   on people.torproject.org, starts running the tests.
> What do you think about this ?

hmmm... how do we handle cases like the one with the current beta where
we have to rebuild/rebundle things multiple times and it is urgent to
get the new bundles out? Even if we get better at it this might still
happen in the future. One idea would be to look at the commit in
addition to the version. While that might be better it is probably not
helping in cases we just want to rebundle things and run the test
suite... Might get even more complex if we, say, only need to rebuild
the pluggable transport part.

It is actually not necessary to have all bundles available twice on
people.tpo (I even doubt it happens very often). Having one and matching
sha256sums from a different build should be sufficient.

Apart from that the general idea sounds good to me. It would especially
be useful in sending only a mail to tor-qa after the build passes all of
our automation tests.


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