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#25695: Activity 5.1: Redesign Tor Browser homepage ("about:tor") - create an user
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Comment (by mcs):

 Replying to [comment:20 antonela]:
 > I think someone mentioned it before on another ticket; does exist a
 situation where Tor Browser is not connected to Tor Network?

 It is possible, if things are misconfigured, to have a situation where the
 browser does not send traffic through a Tor proxy. That is why Torbutton
 currently does a check at startup and the current about:tor has the
 concept of "Something went wrong. Tor is not working in this browser."

 > We are linking to the manual in a lot of cards at the onboarding. We can
 have a link at `about:tor` too for sure.

 OK. We will do something but you may have ideas about where to include
 that link.

 > The first time I thought about `about:tor` came to my mind the idea to
 have check.torproject.org status just there. But then, the same question:
 Which is the situation where Tor Browser loads and not connect to Tor?
 Anyways, "You're connected to the Tor Network" string was inspired
 directly by check.tpo. What would be wrong if we take it from there?

 Up until a few years ago, the Tor Browser home page was
 https://check.torproject.org/ but connecting to that site was slow and put
 load on the network (and that site). We switched to a local check in which
 Torbutton checks that the browser's SOCKS proxy configuration matches what
 the embedded tor daemon is using. This kind of check is very quick. I'd
 rather not return to an automatic check that hits check.tpo over the
 network. The reason we retained the link to check.tpo when we switched to
 the local check is because it provides an "end to end" live network-based
 check which some people want. But maybe its time of usefulness is past.
 Georg, Arthur, or others -- any opinion on whether we need to provide an
 easy and obvious way for people to load check.tpo?

 > Question for you now :)
 > * Could we load our brand typography? or do you prefer to stick with
 system fonts? https://styleguide.torproject.org/visuals/#typography

 Using system fonts will keep things smaller, but we could bundle Source
 Pro if it makes sense to do so. We should ask Arthur what he thinks about
 bundling another font. Maybe we can make that change after making an
 initial implementation using a system font.

 > * is okay an SVG for the circle's pattern at the background? or do you
 prefer a png/jpg?

 SVG should be fine, although we will need to double-check that SVGs are
 not disabled on about:tor when the security slider is set to the Safest

 We will also need a DuckDuckGo icon for the search box (small-ish, maybe
 34 x 34 pixels) and Kathy and I think we should add a right pointing
 "action" arrow to the right side of the search box like Mozilla has on
 Firefox's about:home (in case someone wants to use the mouse to start a
 search). That icon should be similar in height to the DDG one.

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