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Tue Jul 24 19:09:09 UTC 2018

#25695: Activity 5.1: Redesign Tor Browser homepage ("about:tor") - create an user
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Comment (by antonela):

 hey! happy to have you working on it :)

 Replying to [comment:19 mcs]:
 >Within this new design, how do we let users know that Tor is not working
 correctly? In the old about:tor, the text near the top of the page is
 changed to "Something Went Wrong! Tor is not working in this browser."
 (with a red background).

 I think someone mentioned it before on another ticket; does exist a
 situation where Tor Browser is not connected to Tor Network?

 >Should about:tor include a link to the Tor Browser manual? I think we
 talked about this during one of our meetings, but I cannot remember our

 We are linking to the manual in a lot of cards at the onboarding. We can
 have a link at `about:tor` too for sure.

 >Will there be a way for users to navigate to
 https://check.torproject.org/ (the old "Test Tor Network Settings" link)?

 The first time I thought about `about:tor` came to my mind the idea to
 have check.torproject.org status just there. But then, the same question:
 Which is the situation where Tor Browser loads and not connect to Tor?
 Anyways, "You're connected to the Tor Network" string was inspired
 directly by check.tpo. What would be wrong if we take it from there?

 >Is it OK to completely remove everything related to update notifications
 from about:tor? I think we decided to use something based on Firefox 60's
 doorhanger-based update notifications, which means we no longer need
 anything related to updates inside the about:tor page.

 Yes, exactly. I'm going to back to Update Tor ticket I hope this week. So
 far, we discussed to have everything running at the doorhanger. I
 suggested having the red `about:tor`  for old Tor Browser versions ->
 Both cases can work together and that `about:tor` status is an ongoing
 discussion at #25694.

 Question for you now :)

 * Could we load our brand typography? or do you prefer to stick with
 system fonts? https://styleguide.torproject.org/visuals/#typography
 * is okay an SVG for the circle's pattern at the background? or do you
 prefer a png/jpg?

 Can't wait to see it live!

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