[tbb-bugs] #19055 [- Select a component]: TBB Upstreaming of Yawning's Firejail Script

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Sat May 14 23:26:18 UTC 2016

#19055: TBB Upstreaming of Yawning's Firejail Script
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 This ticket is to track the eventual inclusion for a Firejail aware start-
 tor-browser script in TBB releases - it attempts to run TBB in Firejail if
 detected on the system. Firejail is a popular and well maintained software
 containment system available in Debian.

 (Yawning is very busy these days and won't be able to work on it. Thanks
 Yawning for writing it in the first place!)

 Since a Tor Browser planned changes is to release versions that can take
 advantage of system containment features - this work complements it IMHO.



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