[ooni-talk] Ethiopia report on ongoing censorship events

Maria Xynou maria at openobservatory.org
Wed Aug 14 18:04:55 UTC 2019


Today, OONI - in collaboration with Moses Karanja and Berhan Taye -
published a research report documenting ongoing censorship events in
Ethiopia, titled: "Resurgence of Internet Censorship in Ethiopia:
Blocking of WhatsApp, Facebook, and African Arguments"

You can read the report here:

This report is a follow-up to our previous study, which documented the
blocking of WhatsApp and Telegram in Ethiopia in mid-June 2019:

Following the latest internet blackout (between 22nd to 27th June 2019),
Ethio Telecom has resumed to blocking social media -- but this time they
blocked access to Facebook Messenger and facebook.com, instead of Telegram.

OONI network measurement data shows that the blocking of WhatsApp,
Facebook Messenger, and facebook.com in Ethiopia is ongoing.

OONI data also shows that africanarguments.org (a pan-African platform
covering investigative stories) is currently blocked by means of DNS
tampering on mobile networks (but it's accessible on fixed-line networks).

The political reforms of 2018 (and the associated unblocking of
websites) were promising, but Ethiopia now seems to be sliding back to
old ways when internet censorship was a pervasive practice.

This study can be expanded upon through the use of OONI Probe
(https://ooni.io/install/) and OONI data (https://ooni.io/data/).

~ Maria.

Maria Xynou
Research & Partnerships Director
Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)
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