[ooni-dev] Let's come up with the roadmap for the future of OONI

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Wed Feb 11 19:27:05 UTC 2015

Arturo Filastò <art at torproject.org> writes:

> Hello Oonitarians and Divisionists,
> I would love to have your feedback on what you believe to be the most
> important topics for the future of OONI.
> I have made a list of what I believe are all possible and interesting
> tasks to perform, but we can't do them all and for sure we can't do them
> all at once.
> For this reason it would be very useful if you could express a vote from
> 1-5:
> 1: Nah, this is boring and pointless
> 2: Not really super important, I would give priority to other stuff
> 3: Useful, I would do it
> 4: This would be awesome
> 5: Epic!
> Feel free to also expand these topics with questions and feedback (or
> new ones). At the end of the list I will give you a table to cast your vote.
> <snip>


instead of the above ranking system, I think my ranks mainly represent
how much priority each item should receive IMO. I think all the ideas
stated are good and aligned with the OONI agenda.

Also, some tasks are easier than others, so even though I think that
the "pub-sub system" would be a good thing to have, I think improving
the OONI website will probably take much less time and its equally

Also some tasks are connected. So for example, if you go ahead with
the plan to make good quality rasperry-pi images, then it should be
followed by the "adopt an ooni-probe" idea.

I mainly gave priority to tasks that give more visibility to the data
collected so far and in the near future (visualizations, better
website, monthly reports, etc.). At the same time it's important to
get more vantage points and *stable* measurement sources.

Hopefully this is useful, and I will be glad to talk about this more
in person.

Have a good development time!

(5: high priority,
 0: no priority)

 Goal                        | Vote
 Get daily OONI measurements |
 from 50 countries           | 4
 Develop OONI tests for      |
 censorship circumvention    |
 tools                       | 4
 Develop scheme for          |
 orchestrating ooni-probes   | 3
 Implement data analytics    |
 and visualization for OONI  |
 tests                       | 5
 Implement pub-sub system   |
 for ooni collectors        | 3
 Reach production quality   |
 ooni rasperry-pi           |
 (beagle-board) images      | 4
 Promote and further        |
 develop OONI on mobile     |
 (Android, iOS)             | 3
 Publish monthly reports    |
 about the status of        |
 internet censorship in     |
 a country                  | 4
 Run "adopt an ooni-probe"  |
 campaign                   | 3
 Integration with other     |
 censorship measurement     |
 projects                   | 3
 Reaching out to communities|
 inside of censored regions | 3
 Redesign the website for   |
 ooni                       | 4
 Hold an international      |
 internet censorship        |
 conference                 | 2
 Implement a GUI for        |
 ooniprobes                 | 3
 Do research based on       |
 OONI                       | ?

> Thanks for taking the time to go through this long email, you can as
> always find us on IRC #OONI irc.oftc.net.
> Have fun!
> ~ Arturo
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