[ooni-dev] Blockpage Detection

Gibson, Aaron aagbsn at extc.org
Tue Nov 26 20:20:20 UTC 2013

On 2013-11-25 15:23, Ben Jones wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a PhD student at Georgia Tech and I am collaborating with
> researchers at Stony Brook University to find an effective means of
> detecting block pages. We have access to a very robust set of both real
> pages and blocked pages (~2.4 million pages) which we are using to
> evaluate block page detection metrics.

Awesome, we would love if you could publish this dataset along with your 

> We already have two measures to detect block pages and would like to
> evaluate your DOM similarity measure alongside our own metrics. Since 
> we
> are planning on publishing our results, may we include your DOM
> similarity measure in our evaluation? Also, I would like to look more
> into this similarity measure, is there a paper that I can read?

Any feedback and/or contributions that your team makes are very much 
appreciated. We develop ooni-probe with researchers like yourselves in 
mind, and similarly, we publish and make available all of our work so 
that others can leverage our combined efforts.

I do not believe there is a published paper, and the DOM similarity 
measure is (rather) experimental. If you use the DOM similarity test in 
your paper, I believe it would be the first to do so.


> Thanks,
> Ben Jones
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