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> CCing all those who's emails I have, and the list. This is what I jotted
> down from the meeting today. I'm not sure if there's a place these should
> go, or if there's a better way. For now, add things I missed and correct
> things I got wrong.
> I'm assuming we're back on for the regular time, Monday, 12:00pm, EDT,
> featuring Tom :)
> Cheers,
> M
> Art 'n Aaron have merged the user interface, worked on the backend
> collector policy (how to allow collectors to set their own policies, etc.),
> and worked on code to handle downloading and caching. This work will
> continue into next week.
> There were some questions about M-Lab NS. Meredith (hi) will CC Art and
> Aaron on an email with the M-Lab NS developers.
> Nathan has been working on the threat model, now updated and expanded in
> the wiki: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-probe/wiki/Threat-Model
> In a week or two, Nathan estimates he and Daira will be ready to present
> an overview to the team, either during the regular meeting or some other
> time.
> Once the threat model is complete, it will be the responsibility of the
> broader team to update and revamp as decisions are made and things change.
> If anyone would like to follow progress in real time, pay attention to the
> wiki changes.
> Aaron pointed out that we'll want to clearly educate the end-user about
> the privacy protections (etc.) they can expect from OONI.
> Nathan noted that he's working on a doc that describes each role (probe
> runner, OONIB maintainer, data analyst, etc.), and what assumptions they
> can make about OONI. This can be a start for clearer user-facing
> documentation.
> Review of progress toward "Fully Specified" milestone:
> - URL input processors: done
> - Triage test inclusion: done, but Meredith to update item with list of
> tests accepted by M-Lab Steering Committee
> - Backend specification: Need to add all items that need to be completed
> for this to be done (Art)
> - Test helper versioning spec: Not complete. Need to link to document
> (assuming it exists) that notes current specification (Art)
> - Threat model: In progress. ETA ~2 weeks.
> - Design specs: In progress, need to add all items needed to the list (not
> clear that everything is accounted for currently).
> - Spec OONI backend HTTP API: Need to review what exists currently, audit
> what's missing, and add all that are necessary as separate tickets.
> - Spec how OONI handles OONIB collector policy: Aaron currently working on
> this
> --
> Meredith Whittaker
> Program Manager, Google Research
> Google NYC
>  Thanks for taking notes!

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