[ooni-dev] Notes from meeting today

Meredith Whittaker meredithrachel at google.com
Wed Jun 26 17:58:31 UTC 2013

CCing all those who's emails I have, and the list. This is what I jotted
down from the meeting today. I'm not sure if there's a place these should
go, or if there's a better way. For now, add things I missed and correct
things I got wrong.

I'm assuming we're back on for the regular time, Monday, 12:00pm, EDT,
featuring Tom :)


Art 'n Aaron have merged the user interface, worked on the backend
collector policy (how to allow collectors to set their own policies, etc.),
and worked on code to handle downloading and caching. This work will
continue into next week.

There were some questions about M-Lab NS. Meredith (hi) will CC Art and
Aaron on an email with the M-Lab NS developers.

Nathan has been working on the threat model, now updated and expanded in
the wiki: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-probe/wiki/Threat-Model
In a week or two, Nathan estimates he and Daira will be ready to present an
overview to the team, either during the regular meeting or some other time.
Once the threat model is complete, it will be the responsibility of the
broader team to update and revamp as decisions are made and things change.
If anyone would like to follow progress in real time, pay attention to the
wiki changes.

Aaron pointed out that we'll want to clearly educate the end-user about the
privacy protections (etc.) they can expect from OONI.
Nathan noted that he's working on a doc that describes each role (probe
runner, OONIB maintainer, data analyst, etc.), and what assumptions they
can make about OONI. This can be a start for clearer user-facing

Review of progress toward "Fully Specified" milestone:

- URL input processors: done
- Triage test inclusion: done, but Meredith to update item with list of
tests accepted by M-Lab Steering Committee
- Backend specification: Need to add all items that need to be completed
for this to be done (Art)
- Test helper versioning spec: Not complete. Need to link to document
(assuming it exists) that notes current specification (Art)
- Threat model: In progress. ETA ~2 weeks.
- Design specs: In progress, need to add all items needed to the list (not
clear that everything is accounted for currently).
- Spec OONI backend HTTP API: Need to review what exists currently, audit
what's missing, and add all that are necessary as separate tickets.
- Spec how OONI handles OONIB collector policy: Aaron currently working on


Meredith Whittaker
Program Manager, Google Research
Google NYC
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