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Meredith Whittaker meredithrachel at google.com
Thu Jun 13 09:17:09 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Here's a collection of useful M-Lab docs. These may not answer everything,
but they'll be a good start. Please let Stephen and me know what can be
augmented and clarified. (Note that we're updating our website, so there's
a non-zero chance that some of these links will die in the next couple of
weeks. I'll try to remember to update.)

*Contact us: *
*Email:* Meredith Whittaker: mereditrachel at google.com

 Stephen Soltesz: soltesz at opentechinstitute.org

*GitHub:* Meredith: meredithmeredith

   Stephen: [I don't know, Stephen?]

*Contact form* (just in case): http://measurementlab.net/contact

*Documents: *

   - Platform architecture
   The intended audience is hosting partners (who donate
   - Policies and procedures for
new experiments. Note that I wrote this, and that it may not be
   enough, but I can answer any questions. Note that OONI has been approved as
   meeting these criteria per the Steering Committee process.
   - Server map <http://measurementlab.net/mlab_sites>. Get a look at the
   global M-Lab footprint.
   - List of existing
tools. Code repos and documentation for individual tools should
   be linked from here. If they're not, let me know and I'll add this.
   - Access existing M-Lab data <http://measurementlab.net/data>, tarballs
   and BigQuery.
   - Blog post describing the process to visualize data using
   a good introduction both to the tool and the data structure. If you'd like
   whitelisted access to M-Lab data on BigQuery, let me know and I'll make it
   - Founding document<http://measurementlab.net/sites/default/files/mlab_intro_and_server_requirements.pdf>,
   which will give you background on M-Lab's founding motivations. Many of the
   facts quoted here have changed (e.g. number of servers), but as history
   this is instructive.
   - Existing visualizations <http://measurementlab.net/visualization>,
   which are fun and may be instructive.



Meredith Whittaker
Program Manager, Google Research
Google NYC
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