[global-south] Outreach events around Tor Meeting in Mexico City

Alison Macrina alison at torproject.org
Wed May 30 20:29:45 UTC 2018

On 05/30/2018 10:08 AM, sajolida wrote:
> Hi!
> sajolida from Tails speaking,
> I'll be at the Tor Meeting in Mexico City (Sep 29-Oct 3) and I'm
> interested in helping out with outreach events around the meeting to
> connect more with people in Latin America. I guess that this list is the
> place for that.
> Are there any plans yet?
> Should we start by making sure that everybody from Latin America who
> will be at Tor Meeting knows about this list?
> If that helps, I'll be in town a bit before and after the meeting and I
> speak Spanish.

Hey sajolida!

We have indeed started the initial planning for the Mexico City meeting
outreach. In addition to inviting some local Tor people to the full
meeting, we've been working with Gunnar Wolf to identify local groups
that we should invite to the public part of the meeting (the last two days).

The next steps are for us to solidify our plans for the public days and
then do some outreach efforts like a blog post, tweets, and contacting
specific groups. We'll definitely mention this email list in that

I'm working on the plans for the public days now, and when I have
something drafted I'll be sharing it with the meeting planners list:
(you're welcome to join that list!). Our next meeting about meeting
planning will happen on 13 June at 1700 UTC in #tor-meeting.

Oh, and another local outreach thing that some of us are working on is a
feminist meetup at Rancho Electronic for 4 October. We'll probably
restrict attendance to woman-identified and genderqueer people only.
More info on that soon.

I hope this answers your questions!


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